The New Dark Water Rising Album – Walnut Branch – Chapter 2

Campaign to fund Dark Water Rising’s 3rd Album, Walnut Branch! Join the Movement!

For the next two months, Dark Water Rising is teaming up with IndieGogo to try to raise $20,000 towards our new album.  The band’s sophomore release (Grace & Grit: Chapter I) helped capture the 2014 Native American Music Award for “Best Inspirational Recording” and capped off another era of music for DWR. The upcoming record will encompass two years of new material with an edgier, more rockin’ sound than before. We are calling the album “Walnut Branch” in honor of our band house in Chapel Hill – a secluded haven of late night practices, rigorous recording sessions, and beautiful mornings writing songs on the back porch. For two years we have heard people ask “When is the new album coming out?” Well, the time has finally come, but we need your help to make it happen!