Fortunes on the rise for award-winning band Dark Water Rising (Fayetteville Observer)

Follow the link to read a nice piece from the Fayetteville Observer.  Our band originates from Robeson County, NC.  Fayetteville, NC is located in Cumberland County, which is the neighboring county to Robeson.  We’ve spent a great deal of our lives in the area and couldn’t be more happy to represent the southeastern region of North Carolina!

Read the article here: FORTUNES ON THE RISE (Dec. 11, 2014)

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It’s a NEW era for Dark Water Rising! Read on!

Dark Water Rising

Dark Water Rising


Welcome to the official Dark Water Rising website. We’ve decided that after 5+ years, it’s time to get with the program and give our site a new facelift!

We’ve been recording songs for our 3rd album, and firmly believe that with fresh songs should come fresh content on!  While we are doing our chores, we encourage you to check out our live performance schedule and show your faces!

If you are new to the DWR family, check out the YouTube playlist below!  New videos, songs, bloggage, press, and photos await you friend!  Stay tuned!!!



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